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The Ballad of Lefty Brown ( 30 seconds ago )

thunderbolito : Good western, simple man the main character was with a very interesting life, good action and plot well worth a look if you like westerns.

Once Upon a Time at Christmas ( 2 minutes ago )

silvereagle2061 : Santa and Mrs. Clause go on a killing spree in Woodbridge, 12 days prior to Christmas.

The Crocodile Hunter: Africa's Deadliest Snakes ( 4 minutes ago )

Ravenousbird : Steve Irwin was an awesome and knowledgeable animal lover and living being advocate. I always enjoyed watching him. He was such a larger than life personality. For anyone who hasn't seen him, The Crocodile Hunter series and this documentary are a must watch. Thank you for the uploads.

The Walking Dead ( 15 minutes ago )

numbskull101 : So many people ripping in this show. What I can't understand, if you hate it so damn much, why watch it? MOVE ON! I'm still a fan and even if it gets slow and boring at parts, I enjoy watching it. Sad episode, won't say why, but OUCH! Heart breaker.

Shameless ( 17 minutes ago )

numbskull101 : This was a great episode. Loving this season so much. I like how Frank is progressing and hope he continues to in the future. Very neat story line. Kevin made me LMAO this episode, and good job Fiona, glad you got your priorities straight. Can't wait till next episode.

Castle ( 19 minutes ago )

Nari : Who knew that badass Kate, will be this great? xD

Scorpion ( 23 minutes ago )

torrac : this show is valium lol

The Graham Norton Show ( 25 minutes ago )

Dante89 : Absolutely hilarious episode ! So funny ! Good choice of different kinds of actors and musical guest. Most hilarious was Rebel Wilson. She is just too funny and The Rock and Kevin Hart ! It's great to laugh out loud when watching this show. That's why I love it so much. 9/10 Looking forward to this weeks show with the Star Wars cast ! Gotta see the movie first of course ! :D

The Killing of a Sacred Deer ( 26 minutes ago )

credoinars : Farrell's performance was solid, and the only reason I continued to watch. Ms. Kidman's role was pretty much the same as her past few turns. Alicia Silverstone's talent was wasted here. The photography and staging provided a much needed respite from the slack-jawed artificially stilted delivery of the most recent boy actor du jour. As each character was introduced to be more pathetic than the others, I am very glad that I did not pay to see this in the theater. No matter what level of experience you might be as a cinephile/movie lover, I cannot recommend this one. Oh, the dog was excellent, but he/she wasn't given enough screen time.

The Walking Dead ( 29 minutes ago )

Ravenousbird : I'm not sure I understand the point of this series anymore. I honestly mean that with the utmost of respect. This show used to be something I nearly held my breath for each week between episodes. What is the objective now? Unfortunately, it seems to be dying a very slow, and agonising death, itself. Maybe I'll be wrong (I hope), but I no longer rush to see the current episode. I felt this episode was actually quite bad. Thank you PW uploaders for all you do to keep this series current for us.

Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics ( 36 minutes ago )

cjackson674 : This was a great episode, it makes me love and respect comic books even more then I already did.

PrankMe ( 37 minutes ago )

Sbarbary : This is just very boring and stupid!

Lethal Weapon ( 37 minutes ago )

FlameWarning : Am i really the only one who wants "hilarie burton" also known as palmer back?

Stove Tots ( 37 minutes ago )

ateras360 : The first rule of culinary fight club is you don't talk about cooking? Jada's mom needs to be muzzled among other things I will keep to myself *slapped* sry it just came out.

The Ballad of Lefty Brown ( 37 minutes ago )

Troll_Slayer : Watched 40 mins .... just got more and more bored while Pullman just got more and more annoying. Some people like to praise this sort of nonsense in the hope it gives them a sort of gravitas and makes them seem somehow more cerebral than the rest of us. It doesn't. If you want to waste 111 mins on a boring movie with a barely understandable "hero" that's fine, but remember ... if it looks like a dead duck and smells like a dead duck it very probably IS a dead duck. Just like this movie.

The Ultimate Fighter ( 37 minutes ago )

Odie420 : I guess we'll have to go somewhere else to watch the finale after getting to see all the other episodes uploaded here? Quite the bummer.

The Book Group ( 45 minutes ago )

socxan : I actually searched for this title on Primewire a month or so ago, and today it randomly pops up! I hope the kindly poster/s will make the rest available when possible.

Travelers ( 45 minutes ago )

Lucy18960 : This episode: A huge battle and a personal revelation.

Fargo ( 45 minutes ago )

BobGray : who the fuck are the Knutsons?

The Walking Dead ( 50 minutes ago )

MarcoRobin : I wanted him to die for so so so many years. Finally it can happen. I just wish it happened sooner. I was almost starting to like him after he got out of that emo funk.

Bill Engvall: Just Sell Him for Parts ( 57 minutes ago )

nigelnix : Really bad cheesy comedy aimed at the christian community...

Roller Blade Warriors: Taken by Force ( 1 hour ago )

ellegrl : I watched this movie when I was a kid on USA with either Rhonda or Gilbert Godfrey. I cant remember which one it was so long ago. I do remember I liked it. Maybe because I just got my first pair of roller blades.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Motion Comic ( 1 hour ago )

mike1616 : Looked everywhere I could think of for this and got no results. I even looked in the Animation, Comics and Children's Shows sites and still found nothing. Anyone got info on where I might find this please, thanks MIKE :-)

Floribama Shore ( 1 hour ago )

ellegrl : This is so funny. So far I think its better than jersey shore. Hilarious

Damnation ( 1 hour ago )

Turtle73 : So are we going to see Ep 5 before 6 or what ?

PrankMe ( 1 hour ago )

Milkshake24 : How is this a thriller? Kid is soooooooo annoying and not likable in any sense

The Ballad of Lefty Brown ( 1 hour ago )

redhotchilli_c : well i never thought they would make a western version of Forrest Gump, but they did,after reading the other comments i was expecting a cross between high noon and unforgiven what i got was unforgivable 4/10

The Graham Norton Show ( 1 hour ago )

Dante89 : Just a plain boring episode. Will tried to be funny, Mark just plain grumpy and yeah ... can't say I enjoyed this episode at all... first time to say that for a Graham Norton Show episode ! ! 1/10

The Gifted ( 1 hour ago )

manditoe : WOW!.. I knew she was up to something but Holy Cow she's crazy n gonna get them hated even more than they are... I'm worried for them now, the kids will be made into killers.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle ( 1 hour ago )

bspd : 3rd film to be named Kingsman : Space Cadets lol

I'm in Here ( 1 hour ago )

Lucy18960 : The only good thing was it was a short. Not funny. Pitiful!

Dementia 13 ( 1 hour ago )

Milkshake24 : I quite enjoyed it, wasn't around in 63 to watch the original but this was a fun enough ride for my enjoyment

The Killing of a Sacred Deer ( 1 hour ago )

Black_Mama : Yorgos Lanthimos creates very odd films. This riveted me with the characters' strange speaking cadence across-the-board. It's intricately woven. I only have one huge problem: who uses MP3 players when they have a brand new iPhone? Barry Keoghan is fantastic, and really SINKS HIS TEETH into this role.

Would I Lie to You? ( 2 hours ago )

liddlek : That was an excellent episode - hilarious

The Gifted ( 2 hours ago )

XilluminatiX : So choosing not to kill people is considered saving them? this show if fucking stupid... the worst writers ive ever witnessed im done watching it

Backstory ( 2 hours ago )

Black_Mama : Thank you PrimeWire for all the short films. BACKSTORY is one of the best I've ever seen. Incredible concept and execution.

The Walking Dead ( 2 hours ago )

dhark : Great episode really love the music in this luv u carl

Bullet Head ( 2 hours ago )

GeminiSaga : Mediocrity at its best.

Susie Sunshine ( 2 hours ago )

acreation : To the point, social commentary in a quick, interesting delivery.

Outlander ( 2 hours ago )

littlewitchy : Visually stunning as always. Although not as magical as the 1st season or intriguing and exciting as the 2nd one, I still loved every second of it. And as much as they exaggerated with the love part this season,making it a little soapy , I do love Jamie and Clare together ,the chemistry between them is undeniable. See you in season 4.

The Book Group ( 2 hours ago )

wordtothewise : An unexpected comedic gem. It's hilarious. They're all brilliant!

Scared Famous ( 2 hours ago )

augusts1 : So glad this is FINALLY over lol. Worst reality show ever I've seen (but Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, I think it was, would tie) although I haven't watched that many. Only watched this to see Alaska who is a favorite of mine. Wish she'd have won but liked the winner. Thanks uploaders.

Knightfall ( 2 hours ago )

Crashed13 : I don't know but I liked it. What I liked was there was not much dead story space . It was faster paced, "get to the point" move on and "get to the point" once again throughout. I will be watching the next one.

Dream Nightmare ( 2 hours ago )

MadameDivine : So lame and boring and no point to it at all! 0/10

The Killing of a Sacred Deer ( 2 hours ago )

Ravenousbird : Wow, this is one of the most pretentious and nauseating films I've ever watched. No amount of decent acting could save it. The dialog is beyond strange; no one would talk like this. Someone else might like it, I certainly did not. Thank you for the upload, regardless (Also, the quality was quite poor for a HDrip -- I watched version 9 -- just an fyi).

Susie Sunshine ( 2 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : Great idea in this 15 minute short. It would make an interesting series.

Angel ( 3 hours ago )

Dolls4fun : I actually love this show more than Buffy.. I don't know towards the later seasons i just became irritated with her and the other characters. Angel i grew to love more and more plus i always found this show to be a bit darker overall

Scorpion ( 3 hours ago )

instantwhip : Why not cut the grill in the tunnel?

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The Ballad of Lefty Brown

thunderbolito : Good western, simple man the main character was with a very interesting life, go ...

Once Upon a Time at Christmas

silvereagle2061 : Santa and Mrs. Clause go on a killing spree in Woodbridge, 12 days prior to Chri ...

The Crocodile Hunter: Africa's Deadliest Snakes

Ravenousbird : Steve Irwin was an awesome and knowledgeable animal lover and living being advoc ...

The Walking Dead

numbskull101 : So many people ripping in this show. What I can't understand, if you hate it so ...


numbskull101 : This was a great episode. Loving this season so much. I like how Frank is progre ...


Nari : Who knew that badass Kate, will be this great? xD


torrac : this show is valium lol

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