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Survivor ( 12 minutes ago )

VerucaSalts : The #blindside is real! Love it!

Channel Zero ( 13 minutes ago )

youdadaddy : So Margo and Jules not gonna even try to mourn they friend that died in the house. And Jules stay leaving what a crappy a$$ friend. They all bad friends they deserve each other.

The Good Place ( 20 minutes ago )

alyssarcastic : I think Janet keeps glitching because she was unknowingly lying. Can't wait for the next episode, this is one of my favorite shows!

I'm Sorry ( 22 minutes ago )

sessheomaru : hahaha!! nice episode, i can't believe that picture found its way there lol

Nails ( 23 minutes ago )

swans2525 : i like it ok it was done before but you could feel the suspense and nails was verry creepy.i say see it cause it was verry suspenseful a good horror.

Van Helsing ( 28 minutes ago )

Mizscorpio : Wow that last scene!! :O

Chicago Fire ( 30 minutes ago )

wildreign : OMG tears that was a great episode---now I probably would beat the breaks off that lady--buuuut the rest of it hit me in the feels!

Queen Sugar ( 32 minutes ago )

SpiritOfLove : Damn Nova Damn! I knew she was going to do something like that...damn! Great lesson in this episode about resilience. Sometimes things don't work out how you want them to but it is still fine.

Superstition ( 38 minutes ago )

nanataboo : This series isn't original but I liked it. I just could not get into Wynonna Earp. Thanks Syfy.

Scandal ( 38 minutes ago )

runlikemad : Good episode, Mellie's description of Fitz was spot on. As for Papa Pope, how the mighty have fallen, smh.

Gotham ( 39 minutes ago )

StrangeShadow : Bruce's Dialogue and demeanor is ridiculous.

I Love You, America ( 39 minutes ago )

Nonya_Biddness : "The happiest people masturbate furiously" is gonna be a T shirt by tomorrow.

Second String ( 47 minutes ago )

GottheJimmylegs : Such an underrated gem. Yeah it’s a little unbelievable but so what. Yeah it’s a lot like the replacements but so what again. It’s got a great storyline. Great acting and just all around enjoyable. Plus they did an amazing job with the budget.

Arrow ( 49 minutes ago )

prontoma : They FINALLY gave Wilddog some cool gear!! About time!!

How to Get Away with Murder ( 52 minutes ago )

nakedheart : Hahaha Mikayla thinking she can step to Annalise...she betta act like she know, because she does. I just love Frank. He such a loyal puppy to a fault

Star Trek Continues ( 56 minutes ago )

kingarco66 : a mirror universe ep continuing directly from the original mirror universe ep .. brilliant!

Neverwhere ( 58 minutes ago )

Lucy18960 : It must have been great fun to act in this series. The costumes are great. It reminds me of a bizarre play.

Arrow ( 1 hour ago )

muhv : Don´t Know if Dig takes over for "ever" and they gonna like change directions an lose oli on the way. i won´t be happy about it

The Village ( 1 hour ago )

Couch__Potato : One of my all time favorites. An exceptional, finely crafted film with memorable lines of dialogue, superb acting, beautiful cinematography, and a poignant, slow burning plot. And let's not forget the wonderful soundtrack - I swear, Hilary Hahn's mesmerizing violin performance resonates with your very soul. - "If he dies... all that is life to me will die with him."

Empire ( 1 hour ago )

maude52 : Seriously!?! That's what she was after the whole time??? Crossing the line Dr. patient relationship here... Interesting turn out. I certainly love the new man!

Supernatural ( 1 hour ago )

Brian_L89 : Well damn. This is turning into one ~Hell~ of a season so far. This is gonna be a fun ride.

Once Upon a Time ( 1 hour ago )

ThseEdge : okay guys, if Regina finds her fucking "happy ending" with bloody fucking "fat" alternative reality hook... I go bonkers...

Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge ( 1 hour ago )

theshadower007 : thanks for uploading!

Channel Zero ( 1 hour ago )

SpiritOfLove : I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I don't think that is the real Jules. Margot needs to pull it together. That house looks so f*cking creepy yet intriguing.

Snowpiercer ( 1 hour ago )

lowoil : Weird little film built around an over the top class envy scenario with over the top characters like the hunger games. Ending was disappointing.

Mother Goose Rock n Rhyme ( 1 hour ago )

lowoil : Lol, yes Ms. Duvall put out some strange stuff. This was a hoot to skim through to see all the old faces. The theme song was actually pretty catchy.

Frontier ( 1 hour ago )

arw115611 : I really like historical dramas (the more fighting and the less "romance" the better).

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi ( 1 hour ago )

LittleMissTrump : sound is very low, have waited for months to watch!

Star Trek Discovery ( 1 hour ago )

starshineontop : Everyone who does or does not have a problem with with this show should watch it is very well done in the old style !

Sex Guaranteed ( 1 hour ago )

Juliamae09 : I actually liked it. I could relate a little with Zade on a few things which is what kept me interested. The rest of the story isn't that great but it wasn't horrible for a one time watch! And the ending was good! Too bad they don't have a TRAMPS around here!!!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey ( 1 hour ago )

sensual_lettuce : Siggy is over the top, loud, obnoxious, controlling and annoying af. She literally said she was the most creative person alive. I cannot stand her.

Bones ( 1 hour ago )

ckgranger : this is a fun episode, and really creative. loved the librarian bit lol

Star Trek Discovery ( 1 hour ago )

GeekGrl83 : People flipping the fck out over a show they continue to watch.. lol

Riverdale ( 1 hour ago )

neuti : I hope that the writers won't push Betty and Archie together, Jughead seems to be everyone's favorite character so hopefully they won't yo-yo Archie between the girls. That was always the most annoying part in the comics, funny, but annoying.

Neverwhere ( 1 hour ago )

Lucy18960 : Great imagination for an adventure.

Room ( 1 hour ago )

OldKingSol : It's essentially a tale of an otherwise ordinary woman who's slowly losing her mind, and doesn't understand what's happening. It's not for everyone, and won't make a lot of sense, especially if you don't understand mental illness. If you're curious, give it about 10 minutes. The whole rest of the movie goes like that. I liked it, but don't think most people would. It was very well-acted for what it was.

The Babysitter ( 1 hour ago )

torrac : Have not seen a comedy horror done so well in years the kid and the babysitter were awsome 8/10

Hailey Dean Mystery: Dating is Murder ( 2 hours ago )

lowoil : Pretty good twist towards the end. This one surprised me.

The Flash ( 2 hours ago )

eremon1 : 'Cry-ris' needs to go. Terribly irritating character!

The Emoji Movie ( 2 hours ago )

Majikish : Has anyone found a source that doesn't cut out the last couple minutes of the movie?

Daredevil ( 2 hours ago )

Madmanjuggalo : great show cant wait for the next season, and for ahird78 wilson fisk is supposed to be a extremely strong white guy the movie is the one that got it wrong.

Zapped ( 2 hours ago )

Texasman : Finally. I have been waiting all week long for this.

American Horror Story ( 2 hours ago )

HalliBot1138 : FFS...I was so thankful when her annoying voice stopped for good. lol LOVED the ending!! 4/5 Enjoy!

You're the Worst ( 2 hours ago )

FrillyBits : The interaction between the 4 main characters was always the best part of the show. Splitting the characters up into their own story arcs has failed miserably, they hardly get to spend time with each other and their new 'lives' are boring (an older man with a kid, really?????). Sadly, this once great show has sunk into the depths of boredom and I doubt it can ever rise up again. Time for me to move on before this new look destroys my fond memories.

Star Trek Continues ( 2 hours ago )

Katie_Scarlett : What a good show. They have done an incredible job.

Gotham ( 2 hours ago )

bastud : I have never been the first to comment, good show.

The Crown ( 2 hours ago )

Madamx28 : Season 2 begins on Friday Dec 8, 2017.

Family Sins ( 2 hours ago )

megalinda : 7.9/10 Kirstie Alley is mighty believable in this part as an evil matriarch. Good for a one time emotional watch.

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annmarie913 : Great episode. This season is already better than the last one! Cant wait to see ...


VerucaSalts : The #blindside is real! Love it!

Channel Zero

youdadaddy : So Margo and Jules not gonna even try to mourn they friend that died in the hous ...

The Good Place

alyssarcastic : I think Janet keeps glitching because she was unknowingly lying. Can't wait for ...

I'm Sorry

sessheomaru : hahaha!! nice episode, i can't believe that picture found its way there lol


swans2525 : i like it ok it was done before but you could feel the suspense and nails was ve ...

Van Helsing

Mizscorpio : Wow that last scene!! :O

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